Drip & Culture Recognized by the Daily Herald

Drip & Culture Recognized by the Daily Herald

Posted on August 28 2022, By: Adam Carson

Drip & Culture Recognized by the Daily Herald

We are excited to share that we’ve been selected as an honoree of the Daily Herald Diversity in Business Awards.

Whenever Nydia and I receive recognition, we hope it's a part of the growing chorus of positive news that comes out of our community. Waukegan, North Chicago, and communities like it are full of people that are working daily to not only improve their lives and that of their families but they are also working to make the lives of the community members better also. We want to exemplify a value-centered, community-oriented, socially minded business. Why? Because we believe strongly in how small businesses can significantly impact the lives of people in their community for the better.

Drip & Culture is a reflection of our passion for people and community. We know what it's like to be a person of color working for corporations where you don't feel valued or recognized. We've lived through it and want to build a business that is centered on its values, its customers, and its staff. Without those three, you do not have the foundation for a successful business.

Thank you to Courtney Combs from the Lake County Community Foundation for nominating us and believing in the dream.

Thank you to the team at Drip & Culture, past and present.

And major props to the people in our community that rock with us and make it possible for us to do the stuff we believe in passionately.