Origami Dripper

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    Made of minoware clay, the Origami Dripper carries 400 years of history of minoware production in the Gifu region, famous for its washi paper and pottery.

    Minoware is a ceramic-making technique some 400-500 years old, and only a few dozen artisans left in Japan still know the craft. By purchasing an Origami Dripper, you are bringing this rich tradition into your coffee brewing routine.

    Made with high-density clay, the Origami has excellent heat retaining properties. When used with the conical filter, the 20 folds encourage faster brew time by enabling faster airflow. When used with a wave-style filter, it can be used as a flatbed brewer.

    The small dripper brews 1-2 cups of coffee. 

    The medium dripper brews 1-4 cups of coffee.